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Our team has created documentarys and history based content for over two decades. The Miami Virtual museum is for those who seek to see a new perspective and learn history in a modern and interactive way.

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Our team has produced over 10 documentarys on the history of Cuba and becoming a member gives you instant acess to all the content, saving you hundreds of dollars.

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Our team produces a TV show here in Miami called Cafe Con Leche where we talk abut history and interivew local and global celebrities , Becoming a member will make you a part of our team as you will get to be part of our interviews with our guest and interact with them.

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The Miami Virtual Museum is an interactive way for those who seek to learn more about history. Every month new exhibitions will be released and as a member you will have access.

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We reward our most loyal mebers as they allow us to continue to showcase history, the longer you stay a member each month you will earn points leading you to rewards after a period of time.

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